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Mambo Baby Chest Float with Canopy & Tail - Butterfly ( 3 months - 2 yrs) - Pink

KD 33.600

Mambo Baby float - Air Free , No leakage - Comes with Canopy to protect from Sun heat & UV light. It also comes with Tail for more balance , prevents flipping and can be used as leg rest to keep baby in sleeping position when needed, protection 360 degrees. Has safety belt , used in two methods ( Back & front ). Canopy & tail are detachable.

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SKU B503-21-W-P
Tags Mambo Baby - Floats - Bathing - Swimming
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"Better anti-flip properties, safety harness, and refinement to the overall design. This world-renowned anti-puncture swim float for babies and toddlers now comes with a UPF50+ UV proof canopy to protect your baby's sensitive skin from harsh sun rays while they're blissfully floating about. It features a Patented Design specifically For Baby Swim Training and introducing them to water for the first time. Meets European/Aus/NZ/USA/UK Safety Standards. *For 3months to 24months "
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