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Pabobo - Soft Plush Projector

KD 17.250

Features: - Very soft, it projects a pretty starry sky in the room. Thanks to its pretty projections and its good boiling, it will become the best friend of the children for moments of calm games as for the ritual of bedtime - A soft lullaby to help the child fall asleep (2 volumes or silent) - The plush is machine washed in a gentle cycle at 30 ° - Wireless, it finds its place everywhere - It turns off by itself after 22 minutes - Does not heat (cold eco-consumption LED)

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Babies Moments
Tags Pabobo - Nursery - Playing - Crib - Development Skills
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Mimi Bunny projects a pretty starry sky on the ceiling to help toddlers to fall asleep. The stars slowly change color and you can freeze their favorite color. Musical, this night light plays a soft lullaby so that the little ones fall asleep even more easily. Indeed, the child will quickly attach to his plush night light which accompanies him towards a peaceful sleep. In addition, the fluff is fully machine washable thanks to its removable projector!
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