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Babies Moments

BabiesMoments have been created in 2014 . The love we have felt for our unborn child, the happiness and joy we have carried made us want to translate this love , happiness and joy into a felt, seen content where people can gather together and experience this world. An Instagram account has been made containing everything that is beautiful, happy, joyful and funny about babies represented in videos and pics, this journey continued for 6 beautiful years and still going strong. Then the time came to develop the love we had for babies and kids and turn this into an industry where we can actually help parents life become easier by supplying them with the right products they need to achieve that goal. Hence, BabiesMoments have grown into a business. We sell different baby products to parents that can truly make them enjoy more of the time spent with their baby. BabiesMoments is a retailer of products that carries well reputation of high quality , and safety. The products are sold through online platforms such as Website, Application and marketed through the social media platforms.